Video Promo: YINKA (@Yelleauxx) & FRIENDS: @EttaBond & RAF RILEY(@TheRealRafRiley) [@RinseFM]


Yinka visits the tea rooms to have a chat with Etta and Raf about their musical relationship and the current EP’s they have released.

Catch Yinka on Rinse FM Monday – Thursdays 1100 – 1300 and then Yinka & Friends on Saturday morning from 0900 – 1200.

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The Rinse FM YouTube Channel is home to Rinse TV. Featuring music and audio videos from the Rinse and Tempa record labels, video interviews and features with top recording artists, hosted by our growing team of presenters Yinka, Plastician, SK Vibemaker, and Lily Mercer, Rinse TV is the video arm of the influential radio station Rinse FM.

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