FILM: “BODIED” Prod By Eminem

Judging by the trailers, Bodied, picked up by YouTube while it riled up everyone on the festival circuit in 2017, would be easy to dismiss as simply a celebration of rap battle culture. But through the lens of that competitive world, Joseph Kahn — Taylor Swift’s go-to music video director — and writer Kid Twist (née Alex Larsen) set out to annihilate political correctness by interrogating racial appropriation and faux-outrage culture. It’s an absolute mic drop of a movie.

Bodied’s opening scene throws us right in the middle of a battlefield where hearts break, souls get crushed, and minds are blown, as two men destroy each other with razor-sharp wordplay in a rap battle. Kahn’s camera moves in a fluid dance that whips and spins around as words get thrown around like knives, with clever visual and auditory aids accompanying the bars — gunshot sound effects accompany the many gun metaphors.READ MORE


Check out their Breakfast Club Interview



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