FILM: “mid90s” By Jonah Hill.

Actor Jonah Hill, he of raucous comedies from the House of Apatow, but also outstanding, Oscar-nominated supporting roles in films like Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, has cashed in his Hollywood clout chips and directed his first film, based on an original script. It is a frustrating one. There are scenes that snap together nicely with some sharp and nuanced observations. But the film is saddled with uninteresting surface-level characters. There’s a phoniness exuding from the entire project, made all the more discouraging since the plot-light, shaggy dog story is trying to feel so real.

Set in (ahem) mid-1990s Los Angeles, our focus is with Stevie (Sunny Suljic), a boy on the cusp of maturation who lives in a fatherless home with an occupied mother (Katherine Waterston) and a physically abusive older brother Ian (Lucas Hedges). Stevie worships Ian at first, gawping at his official sports logo clothing and wall of hip-hop CDs. But when his admiration is met with nothing but violence he works up the nerve to hang out with some cool, older kids that hang around a skate shop. READ MORE

Spotify playlist
mid90s soundtrack

The Soundtrack is Dope, You gotta Check it out the FULL Playlist over at Spotify




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